About Me

TL;DR: holistic tester, quality enabler, agile experimenter, sociotechnical symmathecist, team glue. volleyball player, game lover, story enthusiast. she/her. [symmathesy = learning together in context]

Having graduated in sinology, I fell into agile and testing in 2009 and have been infected with the agile bug ever since. I'm especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the continuous learning mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates me and keeps me going. Within my teams I often think of being the glue, as well as "the little burr under the saddle blanket that gets people thinking about changing and trying new things" (thanks Lisa for this metaphor!).

I received a lot from the community; now I’m giving back by sharing my stories and experience. I tweet as @lisihocke, blog here at www.lisihocke.com, and speak at conferences. Doing what scares me to reinvent myself. :-)

In my free time you can either find me in the gym running after a volleyball, having a good time with my friends or delving into games and stories of any kind.