About Me

A headshot photo of Lisi Hocke, wearing a green shirt, having her hair bound back into a ponytail and her head tilted slightly, smiling into the camera
TL;DR: holistic tester, quality enabler, agile experimenter, sociotechnical symmathecist, security enthusiast, team glue. volleyball player, game lover, story escapist. she/her. [symmathesy = learning together in context]

Having graduated in sinology, I found tech as my place to be in 2009 and grew as a specialized generalist ever since. I'm passionate about the whole-team approach to holistic testing and quality and enjoy experimenting and learning continuously. Building great products which deliver value together with great people motivates me and lets me thrive.

Within my teams I often think of being the glue, as well as "the little burr under the saddle blanket that gets people thinking about changing and trying new things". (Thanks Lisa for this metaphor!)

Having received a lot from communities, I'm paying it forward by sharing my stories and learning in public. I blog here at lisihocke.com, speak at conferences and do what scares me to reinvent myself.

In my free time, I play indoor volleyball or delve into computer games and stories of all kinds.

Want to find me on social media? Just search for my handle "lisihocke". I'm in many places, yet most active on Mastodon: @lisihocke@mastodon.social.