Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Team Logos Anyone?

Last week one of my colleagues gave me feedback on my blog. He said he really likes my stories but that the blog could use some life, some color, some images. I could not agree more.

So why didn't I include any pictures yet? I'm wondering myself. When writing for an internal company blog some years ago, this was exactly one of the points I totally cared about in order to convey my messages and attract more readers. But when telling my own stories here, it somehow didn't feel right; or rather, I didn't feel the need to do it. Maybe simply because of the fact that I'm trying to blog for myself here.

But thinking about the feedback triggered me to share what we did lately: We finally introduced logos for our Java teams! In order to grow closer across locations and increase transparency, a new global team overview had been created. It clearly showed that several teams had logos like the Death Star, Asgard, a Zeppelin. And that we didn't. Too sad! So we started searching for logos as well.

Guess what? One of our teams chose a unicorn! Too funny. After sharing my stories from Agile Testing Days 2016 including pictures of their unicorns...
Agile Testing Days 2016 unicorn
... our office suddenly turned into unicorn land! And this team chose it as their logo. Love it! :D
charter logo
Now it was up to my own team. Quite a challenge to find a logo which is at least as awesome. I mean, how to catch up with a unicorn? But then two of my team mates were touched by genius. We're developing planning software, so they thought of A-Team's Hannibal and his often spoken line "I love it when a plan comes together". Well, our product is called "planr", so...
planr logo
Who knows when our logos might change again, but for now we're really enjoying our revived team spirit! Such a simple thing as choosing a logo helped breathe life into our team again (together with spreading cartoons of course). Do you have team logos? What's your experience with them?
cartoon wall 1 cartoon wall 2 cartoon wall 3

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