Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#CodeConfident: Serenity Cucumber Practice - Part 3

This is the continuation of the coding journal on my first public code challenge serenity-cucumber-practice. If you haven't done so already, it's advisable to check out the previous entries first.
Although this part reflects only one more step in this practice project, its impact was huge. Parveen Khan had scheduled a pairing session with me. I was really looking forward to it as we had a call end of last year where she had shared that she was on a similar learning journey as I was!

March 9

  • #CodeConfident live pairing session with Parveen Khan
  • shared our challenges and struggles, what we want to learn
  • demoed the existing project, what's included, how it works, how I got started
  • Parveen agreed to give it a try, she drove and I navigated her through
  • implemented a new scenario this way, sharing a product to a friend
  • could re-use the given step; the when step was easily done; regarding the then step, we could not yet find the correct locator as it hit the wrong element; here we ran out of time
  • we did all that in very small time frame
  • in retrospect, Parveen shared how scary but how great it was to do it herself, but now she understood what we do; she only wrote feature files so far, not more; asked lots of people to explain the concepts; only when she now did it hands-on, getting instructions she understood the connections; once again the magic of strong-style pairing! really really happy about the outcome; great practice for myself as navigator as well, felt quite confident in what we were doing
  • we agreed to have a second session, Parveen will practice as well and then we can tackle the next challenge together
  • TODO: fix, clean-up and commit

March 9 (cont)

  • fixed locator
  • cleaned up, adapt code to domain language
  • committed scenario


Shortly after Parveen and I had our session, the program for TestBash Germany 2019 got released. You can't imagine how delighted I was to see Parveen on that program! Originally, I had planned to skip the 2019 edition as my schedule is very tight this year and I promised myself to take care of myself. However - Parveen now really makes me buy a ticket! I simply cannot miss the chance to see her speak. She has so much to share we all can learn from! Oh, and if you cannot make TestBash Germany, she's speaking at Agile testing Days USA as well ;)

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