Friday, April 26, 2019

#CodeConfident: FizzBuzz

My previous challenges on my way of becoming code-confident felt too long. Granted, my Serenity Cucumber Practice (part 2, part 3) was my first challenge ever, and during Rest Practice I had a long period of travels. Still, right now I craved for a quick and simple challenge just to practice and learn just a bit more, not overdoing things. Last but not least, I wanted to go one level deeper regarding implementation and testing.

April 23

April 24

  • changed setup a bit to better suit the purpose
  • wrote test for second case, then wrote code to make it pass
  • agreed with myself that I will commit frequently, at least every time a new test is passing
  • had to remember to run test first, see it fail, then implement, run the test again, see it pass
  • baby steps and frequent commits (trying not to care about how elegant the solution is in the beginning as long as it's working) really helped get myself into a flow! Feeling I accomplish something and am on the right track
  • first implementation fulfilling requirements was done very quickly
  • personal observation: though doing quick commits (even when small) was at first still strange, it now felt a lot more natural to just create a repo and make several commits to it; was so scary in the beginning!!! A lot less already, can be proud :)
  • TODO: decide on what else to do, like reduce to required tests
  • TODO: finish challenge and seek the next one, this was meant to be a very small and short one

April 25

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