Saturday, September 14, 2019

TestBash Germany 2019 - A Day Full of Great Conversations

TestBash came back to Munich again this year! Despite taking place at my home town, I had planned to skip this edition due a full conference schedule this year. However, when I learned that Parveen Khan will present as well, I instantly bought a ticket. She was one of the first persons that exchanged thoughts about my #CodeConfident challenge with me last year so I was eager to hear her speak.

This year was the first time that workshops were offered the day before the conference. I did not join them yet I only heard good things about them, so that's an option to consider next year. For me, TestBash Germany started with a nice pre-conference meetup where I met many people also from the local community again!

The next day, the conference started. The wonderful Alex Schladeback agreed to live blog again so check out her great posts linked below to get a good impression of the presented talks. Besides that, here are the sketchnotes I created on the day.
The only sessions I did not record was the infamous 99 second talks and the speaker panel that got added to the program. The latter was the best panel I've ever seen at a conference so far! Great questions and lots of wisdom shared. If you happen to have a Ministry of Testing Dojo pro account, this is definitely a recommended watch.

The conference day was over, yet conferring was not. Many joined the post-conference meetup where I had wonderful conversations with so many awesome people - about everything testing, how to treat each other well, and the world. Thank you all for a wonderful time!

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