My personal challenge for 2019 was to become code-confident. This challenge is finished, yet in case you want to work on coding projects with me or provide feedback on my code, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter (my dms are open) or directly schedule a session with me.

Blog Posts

  1. The origin story: A New Pact: My Challenge for 2019
  2. #CodeConfident: Getting Started with My Challenge
  3. #CodeConfident: Serenity Cucumber Practice
  4. #CodeConfident: Serenity Cucumber Practice - Part 2
  5. #CodeConfident: Serenity Cucumber Practice - Part 3
  6. #CodeConfident: Rest Practice
  7. #CodeConfident: FizzBuzz
  8. #CodeConfident: Spring PetClinic
  9. #CodeConfident: Angular7 Example App
  10. #CodeConfident: Journey
  11. #CodeConfident: Journey - Part 2
  12. #CodeConfident: Journey - Part 3
  13. #CodeConfident: Journey - Part 4
  14. In retrospect: On Having Become #CodeConfident


The following people joined me on my challenge. Thank you all so much! Names are listed in order of appearance. :)
Not mentioned above but never forgotten are my dear teammates supporting, encouraging and teaching me during work time. Thank you.


My GitHub account existed for longer, and with this challenge I finally started using it.

Here are the public repositories I created during my challenges.

Conference Talk

In my talk "A Code Challenge of Confidence" I am sharing what made me choose this personal challenge, the lessons learned on my way and how you can do it, too. Feel free to check out my latest slides, however, they only provide so much information. If you'd like to hear the full version, come to the next conference where I give the talk! :)